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Dear Friend,

USCCA has just released a brand new Free Video presentation...

Free Home Defense Video. Watch Here-->

In the video you’ll discover the 4 key components of home defense and what you can do right now to make your family as safe as possible.

Free Home Defense Video. Watch Here-->

Discover how you can keep your family safe and prepare for any criminal who makes the mistake to show up on your doorstep...

You’ll be glad you saw it,

--- Rick Salyer, The Sarge

PS - These 4 Pillars will fortify your home and prepare you to turn the tables on armed thugs and criminals who want to harm your family...

PPS - In addition to learning this crucial information that could keep your family safe, you’ll learn how you can get entered into a $1,500 Home Defense Grand Prize Sweepstakes!

(wait until you see what you could win!)

Watch The Video + get in on the sweepstakes here:

Free Home Defense Video. Watch Here-->