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Concealed carry is allowed without a license in the state of Missouri now. There is still laws you have to follow and not everyone is allowed to carry. Do you know where you can carry legally and when you are allowed to use deadly force? Take my class to find out all your answers to these and more questions.
Check out the calendar and call or email for a class. 660-441-0604
Oct.11th 2014, the laws changed, military 18 year olds and 19 year old citizens are now authorized a CCW. Only one handgun and 50 rounds needed for the class. My Classes are now limited to 8 at home
I prefer to have at least 2 people per class.
Individual Classes can be set up, but cost $100.00. 
I can now teach CCW for the State of Missouri. If you have a place I can use as a classroom and a range to shoot on, I will travel to you. Classes will be $100.00 per person with a 4 person minimum up to 50 miles away, 6 person minimum up to 99 miles away and 8 person minimum over 100 miles.

Classes over 5 hours, be sure to bring a lunch.